Welcome back (to those of you returning). Given the anxiety-inducing nature of the week, I wanted to share some easier—or at the very least distracting—watches. What better way to take your mind off the world for a moment than to enjoy a raunchy comedy, get whisked away by Jane Austen, or witness a star-is-born-narrative.

Movies to distract from current events

Yes, God, Yes

A quirky and cute coming of age tale. Natalia Dyer (of Stranger Things fame) plays an awkward, naïve Catholic high schooler navigating her way through her adolescence and her budding sexuality. It’s not overly preachy, but clearly takes a side. Early AOL internet cameo is a bonus. 77 mins. Watch on Netflix.

The Little Hours

A foul-mouthed, dry comedy loosely based on the Decameron. Set at a 14th century Catholic monastery, it centers on a convent of young, wild nuns, and its alcoholic pastor. Featuring zero accent work, and a bevy of underrated comedic performances, it’s worth a go. 90 mins. Stream on Netflix / Amazon.


A luscious visual adaptation of Jane Austen’s iconic novel of the same name. Anya Taylor-Joy plays the eponymous protagonist filled with youthful hubris and whip smart dialogue, as she plays matchmaker to the wildly indulgent upper crust of 19th century England. 125 minutes. Watch on HBO Max.

Movies to distract from current events

Over the Moon

A slickly animated piece based on the legend of Chang’e (or mythical Chinese goddess of the Moon). Centering on a young girl grappling with loss and struggling to find a way forward, the film plays more fantastical than somber. Featuring a strong AA voice cast and catchy songs that will entertain (at least the little ones). 95 minutes. Stream on Netflix.

Wild Rose

The star-is-born device is fairly tired, but this hidden gem elevates the format. Anchored by tour de force performance from it-girl Jessie Buckley (Chernobyl, I’m Thinking of Ending Things), Wild Rose will break your heart and build you back up. A strong supporting cast and Oscar-nominated song add to this short and sweet endeavor. 101 minutes. Find it on Hulu.

Shoutout to Letterboxd for helping keep track of all my viewing habits.